Back to the office or work from home (or both?)

Back to the office or work from home (or both?)

Hey friends!

This post is a quick one, is about a thought I have going around my mind recently. With several of the lockdown measures being lifted in several countries, there will be the option of going back to work at the offices for some people. But are we going to be doing that?

There has been a rising trend of remote work over the years for most of the companies in our industry that has only become stronger with the current situation.

In that scenario, how do you see the future of work being like for the next year and afterward?

There has been quite some talk about what work would look like in the future since some decades ago.

For instance, the well known and many times quoted talk of Arthur C. Clarke about the future thanks to the internet.

Or this interview with the great Robert Noyce talking about the future of technology for work.

But certainly, among all this, no one ever expected a global pandemic to accelerate this trend. Still, some existing work customs will have to change and adapt to the "new normal".

That's why I'm taking this chance to open up the discussion to see what would be an 'ideal' option. There are some cases where things will differ and depending on job roles, an ideal scenario for some would be a subpar option for others.

In that case, if given the opportunity, would you choose to work permanently from home, going back to offices (assuming they're well equipped and provide enough commodity) or do a mix of the two?

I'm curious to know in your experience, what are some of the benefits and pitfalls of these options and what would be your preferred choice.

Another point worth mentioning is about the internet connection, which I think is the single point of failure for that dreamy, flexible work plan.

Assuming that we won't be working directly from an office but rather be location independent, what would be the bare minimum requirements for making it work? and in case something more unexpected happens, what alternatives can you think about?

That's it for now. I'll keep pondering about the subject and look forward to reading your opinions about the topic also to make a more educated guess about the same myself.

Photo by Alex Kulikov on Unsplash