Moving forward to the future

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Moving forward to the future


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Hello there, friend.

It's now the first day of the last month of this year.

Quite funny, isn't it? The first of the last. ūüėÖ

But nonetheless, I think it's the right moment for this post.

This is a more "meta" one.

There's not going to be a fancy or funny intro like usual.

It's more for informational purposes and to let you know the direction I'll be taking for the upcoming posts, which is pretty much for next year.

What's happening?

I've been doing some discussing with others, some "soul searching" (as some would call it). And I realized that I have to keep moving forward.

That is in general but also for this blog.

I had a couple of web dev topics lined up that I was going to write about.

I even had two drafts of articles that I would post.

One was about making a dark mode toggle using Svelte. The other one was about improvements in JavaScript and new features.

But unfortunately, none of those are going to see the light of day, so to speak.

The reason why...

It's mainly because as I evolve and progress in my career, the topics I talk about should follow suit.

And being that I'm no longer a full-time frontend developer, or any of the similar roles I've had in previous years, I can't keep talking about those topics.

I have now been working mainly as a freelance writer and website (landing page) builder.

I wrote about that change and my expectations for the future in a previous post.

The change

At first, I thought about moving on and start writing about the new things I was learning.

More related to the insights and lessons learned from helping others get more traffic and market their products more effectively.

But that felt like too abrupt of a change.

So, I thought about ways to keep this current tech blog up and running while also keep posting relevant content that I can confidently share with others in social networks.

Most of the content that I've posted this year has been related to topics like...

  • Learning more effectively on a job or to get one.
  • Practical concepts and tricks to pick up a new tech skill.
  • And tips to be a more confident and competent developer.

I still want to keep that trend of bringing useful and practical knowledge so more and more people can discover and use them to improve their own career.

And I also want to reach more folks who aren't necessarily learning coding with the intention of getting a job.

I believe that more and more people like you should be able to acquire the skills to get a job in tech.

You can (and should) work as a freelancer.

Or pursue your own interests and build something valuable you can offer to others.

You can become an online content creator and do very well with it.

Or you can become an indie maker, building products and sharing them with people online.

That potential shouldn't be restricted to one particular and traditional career path.

That's why I my intention now is to bring topics that are useful to folks who don't conform to the traditional job route.

This coming new year and the following ones, we'll see people less and less dependent on jobs and more confident to work in different areas of development or new types of roles.

That's the reason why this change of direction now feels necessary.

Where we are going now

So for now, this blog will stay as a tech blog.

But not as the typical tech blog that talks about JavaScript and web development mostly.

It's now going to be a blog that explores the practical applications of technology and how can we use it to improve our careers or even our own lives.

I'm still deciding what topics to write mostly about, but I know one thing.

I want to keep bringing tips and techniques on how to learn more effectively and be more flexible in what tech challenges can come our way.

But so far, everything I write will be geared towards helping you be more productive, more confident in your skills, and more secure when moving forward in this online world.

That's the gist of it. That's the whole "personal announcement" that I had to do.

I'll be reaching out to more people with the intention of helping more of them at a scale. Through the wonders of the internet being able to not just help a few but several hundreds.

So, whether is your first time reading these posts or you've been following me for a while. I want to thank you and extend my utmost appreciation for your support along this year.

That's it.

Thanks for reading so far. I hope to catch you in the next post.

Bye for now.

Bye bye