Going into the nature

Going into the nature

Hey folks!

Today I want to talk about an "experiment" I'm doing this weekend.

It's my own take on the idea of doing a "Digital Detox".

Now that traveling restrictions have been lifted for the most part and I haven't moved anywhere farther than my neighborhood's stores.

I'll be spending the next 2 days going into nature, in the countryside, completely disconnected from any electronic devices and any Wi-Fi networks.

I'll just take a backpack with some clothes, a couple of books, a notebook and a pen. Yeah, as analog as it gets.

I'm really a city kind of guy, I enjoy more spending time where there are things to do, people to interact with and have the possibility to be connected pretty much anywhere.

But with anything, too much of a good thing starts to turn into a bad thing. So too much of technology, virtuality and everywhere connection starts taking a toll on the overall productivity, wellbeing and health that one has.

We can't let our lives be filled by too much of something whether that's perceived as 'good' or 'bad'. There needs to be some balance on all things going on in our lives.

Thanos quote

Also, it is a good thing to listen to your body, be aware of what is trying to tell you and keep your mood in check.

We all know about burnout 'till this point and the effects it has on our performance at work, the quality of the code we write and several other aspects of our lives.

My intention is doing a "back to the basics" kind of thing and then come back on Monday when I have to get back to work feeling completely refreshed, with batteries recharged and with my mojo back to take on the rest of the month in the best way.

So yeah that's pretty much it. I'll be doing something not new but very different from what I usually do and see what happens, how things turn out, maybe I will like it and start doing it more often who knows.

I'll probably also be reporting how it went when I come back in the form of a post on my experiences if it was worth it or not and reasons why you should try it as well. We'll see how it goes really I'm not bringing any big expectations or anything.

That's it for this week's post, thanks again for reading this much shorter post than usual. I wanted to do something different for a while but again, I hope it was useful in some way and also hope to see you next week for another one.

Photo by Denis Arslanbekov on Unsplash